In our last blog we were extolling the virtues of our grass cutting system and why it is better than bump fed line in this wet weather we are having. But there’s also a clear advantage when you think about the blades that need sharpening during this time too.

Landscape gardeners, professional gardeners and domestic gardeners take the long winter months for machinery maintenance and evaluation of equipment. Getting ready for the spring, sharpening brush cutter blades and the likes.

One of the key benefits of buying into the BesserTrim Grass Cutting System is that you will never have to sharpen your brush cutter blade, unblock your petrol grass strimmer or incur the expense of replacing your brush cutter attachment ever again!

Fits 99% of heavy duty brush cutters and petrol strimmers

The BesserTrim Professional head is an attachment that fits 99% of the leading manufacturers heavy duty brush cutters and petrol strimmers. Its unique patent design has been cleverly crafted so that the cutters simply lock into the key hole locking system. The red and blue nylon cutters are designed to tackle light brush. The DECIMATOR is a cable reinforced cutter that is designed to tackle the more challenging brush cutting. The cutters simple wear away and you replace them with new ones. Versatile, simple and ingenious!

All blades eventually need sharpening. The DECIMATOR doesn’t, saving you time and money.

Simple. To get you own, just click here.