Spring has sprung at BesserTrim HQ!

As we write this blog, we can hear the gentle hum of lawn mowers and petrol powered brush cutters, purring away in the distance as they strim, cut and decimate weeds and grass across the nation. It is now officially spring and there’s a sense of optimism in the air. The daffs are out and, [...]

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See what our customers think about their DECIMATOR brushcutters!

At BesserTrim we know the benefits of brushcutting with DECIMATOR heads and cutters, inside out. We can wax lyrical about this for hours (and often do). But there's nothing like seeing and experiencing the DECIMATOR in action. Since the DECIMATOR's launch last year, we have been inviting customers to send us short films of their brushcutters at work, so you can see for yourself.  Seeing is [...]

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And while we’re at it, have you got your brush cutter blade sharpened?

In our last blog we were extolling the virtues of our grass cutting system and why it is better than bump fed line in this wet weather we are having. But there’s also a clear advantage when you think about the blades that need sharpening during this time too. Landscape gardeners, professional gardeners and domestic [...]

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Are you stealing the march with your gardening projects this year?

  Once the garden has been ‘put to bed’ for the winter, domestic gardeners typically take a well-earned rest in the height of the winter and begin to make plans for the spring. Landscape gardeners choose their projects according to the weather; however this year seems somewhat different to the norm. Spring bulbs are blooming, [...]

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Not made in China

Last month, Brian Child (BesserTrim MD and the brains behind the DECIMATOR), completed a two-week trip to Taipei in Taiwan, to find out what the next generation of powered garden machinery holds. According to Technavio's analysts, the forecast for the global brush cutter market is that it is set to grow at a compound annual [...]

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New! Brush cutters for sale at the DECIMATOR shop

We’ve been DECIMATING for about 12 months now, supplying the garden trade with petrol strimmer heads and cable-reinforced nylon cutters to transform their own brush cutter into a DECIMATOR brush cutter. One of the great things that has emerged from this is that we have been contacted by many landscape gardeners and garden enthusiasts, who [...]

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Changing your petrol powered brushcutter’s head

At BesserTrim, we are often asked the following question:  "How difficult is it to transform my existing brushcutter into a DECIMATOR brushcutter?"   Well the answer is 'it's like changing a light bulb - it takes two minutes'. Transforming your heavy duty strimmer The DECIMATOR system (BesserTrim Professional Head and DECIMATOR cutters) can be fitted to all [...]

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For your safety…

The DECIMATOR is one of the most powerful brushcutting systems on the market and we didn’t name it ‘The DECIMATOR’ for nothing. Because of the cutting efficiency of this petrol grass strimmer, we are and always have been, concerned with your safety. We have had quite a few enquiries about safety and therefore would like [...]

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BesserTrim does Saltex

We recently took a few days out from our annual stock take last week and also took a break from our ‘hire’ focus to rediscover what exactly is happening in the landscaping market. Naturally, because of the business that we are in, we were keen to see whether there is any innovation in the garden strimmer category [...]

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Putting your garden to bed ….

What wonderful weather we have been fortunate to have late into October this year. Most keen gardeners will have capitalised on utilising the warmer, dryer weekend to probably give the lawn its last mow, prepared the perennials, winterised roses and started to rake the falling leaves. So that’s the plants looked after, but what about your [...]

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