We are thrilled to have been included in our first review for brush cutters in last week’s Horticulture Week.

The Review Panel were Sam Braund, a grounds worker at Cannington Campus in Somerset and Hugh Murray, head greenkeeper at Cannington Golf Centre. They were tasked to review wheeled and hand held brushcutters for Horticulture Week and we were up against some pretty stiff competition.

The team started out by testing the BesserTrim blue nylon cutters with a 46cc brushcutter to get to grips with the BesserTrim Grass Cutting System. It proved to be a quick job (as we promise it is!), the cutters were simply threaded through the holes in the head, with the ball at the end preventing them from flying out under force and a metal post ensuring that they are held rigid.The team commented on how the ‘cutters smash through grass and the engine does not labour even when we move on to more dense grass’.

Next they decided to tackle the thickest grass, scrub and brambles and so decided to upgrade their brushcutting by moving up to
the Decimator cutters which are cable-reinforced for extra strength. We were delighted to hear that neither Murray nor Braund could believe how effective they were.

“I reckon you could work quicker with these than with a metal blade,” said Murray. “They allow more of the power of the machine to be transferred to what you are cutting — the power is kept up and the cutters munch through scrub and brambles. But look, it clears the debris away rather than cutting and dropping it like a metal blade would do.” We were certainly happy with this brush cutting comment!

Braund just whistled. “Now that’s durable. They are going to last and they seem to be reducing the load on the brushcutter,” he notes. “The cutters are suitable for so many different types of vegetation and they are quick and easy to change.”

But the best bit of this new design? No jammed spools. The Decimator is CE-approved. For further details, call 01342 301594.

If you would like to read the full review, just click here to be redirected to Horticulture Review. If you would like to try them for yourself then visit our site.