The DECIMATOR is one of the most powerful brushcutting systems on the market and we didn’t name it ‘The DECIMATOR’ for nothing. Because of the cutting efficiency of this petrol grass strimmer, we are and always have been, concerned with your safety. We have had quite a few enquiries about safety and therefore would like to give you our top ten safety points.

  1. Always read the Brushcutting Operating Manual

You must always read the manual before you use your brushcutter. This is not an area to skimp on. You may have the best grass strimmer around, but you should always read the instructions from cover to cover. No amount of safety instructions will replace this. Just do it! 

  1. Never operate your brush cutting machinery (or any garden machinery) if you are tired, unwell or under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Being tired, being under the weather or being on medication can mean that your concentration is not as sharp as it needs to be when brushcutting. Brushcutting can be dangerous, so only operate when you are 100% alert and well.

  1. Dress appropriately when using your brushcutter

Goggles (full face mask preferable), gloves and ear defenders are a must. As are long sleeved tops and long protective trousers and shoes. We know that brushcutting can be heavy work, but even in the warmest conditions it is vital that your body is protected. See our visual guide above. We also recommend that you wear the manufacturer-supplied harness too. Tie up any loose hair and avoid loose clothing.

  1. Survey the landscape BEFORE you start.

Having a cordless grass strimmer means you don’t have to worry about cutting through your cord, but did you know that stones, broken glass and general debris can all be thrown, ricochet or become entangled? Many of these can be hidden in the long grass and can cause catastrophic damage to you and any bystanders, so take time to look for them and remove them from the cutting area.

  1. Be aware of bystanders and ensure they are within a safe area

Clear the area of children, bystanders and pets and, at a minimum, outside a 15m radius. If you do have bystanders, they should be should be encouraged to wear eye protection too.

  1. Use your head, inspect your head!

Inspect your BesserTrim Grass Cutting Head before use, replacing the cutter head if cracked, chipped or damaged in any way. Never try to repair the cutter head by welding, straightening or modifying its shape. Make sure the cutter head and cutters are properly installed and securely fastened in accordance with the assembly instructions contained in your packaging. Be sure the cutting attachment guard is properly attached and in the position recommended by your brushcutter manufacturer.

  1. Have full control over your throttle

If you’re brushcutting in a public area, which many of us do, then you need to be aware of people entering the ‘safe area’. If people pass by, then stop the brushcutter and wait for them to exit the area before you start again.

  1. Be aware of unexpected brushcutter reactions.

Your brushcutter (or grass strimmer) can behave differently at times. If it makes contact with something that it doesn’t immediately cut, this can cause a ‘kick out’ or ‘blade thrust’. Be aware that this can happen so you are more prepared to react if it does. See our safety video for a demonstration of this.

  1. Inhaling dust

Your brushcutter may cause dust to be thrown up into the air which you, or any bystanders may inhale. This may include chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides used to treat the vegetation. Where possible, your grass trimmer or brushcutter should be operated so that any prevailing wind directs any dust away from the operator and bystanders. In certain circumstances, use of a mask or respirator by the operator and bystanders may be advisable.

  1. STOP your brushcutter before you move it

Finally, make sure that your cutting head has completely stopped before moving your brushcutter.

We hope this gives you a good overview of how to approach brushcutting in a responsible way. For a visual overview, please see our safety video.

Thank you from the BesserTrim team.