Tough grass, weeds and scrub won’t act so tough anymore – thanks to THE DECIMATOR! The newest, most destructive grass cutting system from BesserTrim. THE DECIMATOR is the ultimate hero in the world of brush cutting equipment.

Transform your brush cutter

The DECIMATOR is a 4mm cable reinforced cutter for the toughest of brushcutting that works with a BesserTrim Professional Head. As a rule of thumb, if your brush cutting machine will take a blade, then you can take the DECIMATOR.

No more jammed spools! Say goodbye to changing broken nylon lines. THE DECIMATOR takes over where all other weakling cutters leave off.

Easy to fit, safe to use, but devastating to all its enemies, THE DECIMATOR’S unique keyhole locking system and cable-reinforced cutters put you in control and leave everything from heavy undergrowth and brutal brambles mown down and defeated.