High pressure forecast for October

extends the weed-breeding season

Heading into the autumn is traditionally the time to be planting spring bulbs. The heavy work of tidying the garden, managing the weeds and clearing the brush and bramble is usually done. However it turns out that it may be a few more weeks before your brush cutter is relegated to the garden shed.

The Met Office is forecasting a high pressure over the UK for October. This uncharacteristic warmer weather, combined with a damp September, has created the perfect conditions for those stubborn weeds to continue to thrive and grow.

Don’t put your brushcutters away just yet!

So don’t retire your heavy duty strimmer to bed yet. Your brush cutters could still be a vital part of your gardening tool kit for another month or so. Clearing the ground, battling with the evolving brambles and clearing space for your spring produce is still on the ‘to do’ list for the garden.  With more work for the landscape or keen gardener, it’s a relief that there is an easier way to do this here.

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Independently approved and adored

For more information about how The DECIMATOR compares to a conventional petrol strimmer, fitted with traditional cutting heads, head to our  independent review about brushcutter heads.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the sunshine or a little longer…