We’ve been DECIMATING for about 12 months now, supplying the garden trade with petrol strimmer heads and cable-reinforced nylon cutters to transform their own brush cutter into a DECIMATOR brush cutter.

One of the great things that has emerged from this is that we have been contacted by many landscape gardeners and garden enthusiasts, who are new to the market and are just building up their gardening equipment repertoire. They have requested that we supply the whole kit and caboodle, rather than just the attachments and accessories. For this reason we are now selling two excellent, hand selected, brush cutter units, which have the DECIMATOR accessories in place.

So let us tell you a bit about the two petrol brush cutters that complement our stock lines in 2016. As you may expect, both are powered by Honda, both have a professional head in place and both come with a pack of 10 cable reinforced nylon cutters – so you are ready to decimate! And, they both have a fantastic price tag too.

New brush cutters available for 2016!

1. The PS260S brush cutter with a loop handle and powered by a GX25 engine

This is a ‘Paicesetter’ petrol strimmer, which we also supply into the hire market, so it’s designed for professional users because of its heavy-duty nature. Paicesetters are built to last and feature full anti-vibration technology. The PS260S is powered by a GX25, which is the world’s lightest OHC (overhead camshaft) engine, making it ideal for a brush cutter. This 4-Stroke engine is built with superior engine technology, to deliver the sort of efficient cleaner, powerful, quiet performance that you’d expect from a larger engine – but in a very compact package.
Great engine, built to last shaft, with a DECIMATOR cutting facility – what’s not to love?

The RRP of this unit is £399.95. The DECIMATOR introductory price is £306.55. Click here to find out more.

2. The PSX280W brush cutter with cow horn handles and powered by a Honda GX35 engine
This is a ‘Paicesetter’ petrol strimmer, with a Robush 12mm drive and features the same anti vibration technology but with a more powerful engine. This model is also used by some of the leading tool hire companies in the UK so it’s built with longevity and efficiency in mind.
The PSX280W is powered by a GX35 Honda engine, which makes light work of hard landscaping tasks. This 4-Stroke engine is built with superior engine technology, operating at half the cost of a comparable 2-stroke engine. Honda’s precision-engineered components result in lower vibration, a belt-driven OHC design reduces mechanical noise, making it an exceptionally quiet petrol strimmer given the power that it operates with.

Proven reliability, smooth and tough performance, with a DECIMATOR cutting facility – it’s the best of both worlds!
The RRP of this unit is £474.95. The DECIMATOR introductory price is £332.47. Click here to find out more.

Important note about safety!

We are confident that these brushcutters are the best choice on the market and will give you many, many years of trouble-free service. As you will know, you must never operate a brush cutter, or any other garden equipment for that matter, without reading the instructions supplied with the unit. It’s important that you wear appropriate protective clothing which is available for sale on our sister site at www.bessertrim.co.uk. If you would like to see our safety video then please click here for details. If you would like to know more about our range then please contact us and we will be happy to explain further – thank you.

The BesserTrim Team