Last month, Brian Child (BesserTrim MD and the brains behind the DECIMATOR), completed a two-week trip to Taipei in Taiwan, to find out what the next generation of powered garden machinery holds.

According to Technavio’s analysts, the forecast for the global brush cutter market is that it is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3.83% over the period 2014-2019. Therefore it is vitally important that brush cutter manufacturers understand the key market challenges and trends, so that they are able to produce products in line with consumer needs and in tune with the changing environment.

What’s next for bush cutters? Are petrol strimmers on their way out?

 Brush cutters are a vital part of a horticultural professional kit, to efficiently remove unwanted growth, scrub and weeds. Manufacturers are constantly striving to provide brushcutters that are increasingly more powerful and efficient at the same time to help this market remove the toughest of undergrowth, economically and in the minimum amount of time. But there are indications that it may be innovations taking place in battery powered brush cutters, rather than petrol powered machines, that will contribute to and drive the growth in the market. This is because they are ‘easy to use, lightweight and eco-friendly’ so they also bring new people into the market, due to their accessible nature. This area is one that Brian picked up on during his time in Taiwan.

“It was a real buzz for me to see the next generation of garden machinery. I was really impressed with the build quality and the new technology that focuses on battery powered machinery. There are some very talented designers and manufacturers that can supply products that really live up to the rising popularity of the battery powered garden equipment, so I think the market will change over the next decade.

My time in Taiwan has been spent securing a significant volume of brush cutters for sale and hire during spring 2016, with a build quality that surpasses anything produced in neighbouring countries. As BesserTrim supply some of the leading tool hirers in the UK, for us quality is paramount and I am delighted with the outcome. But I was equally impressed with the plans for anti-vibe equipment and battery powered innovation. It’s been a huge success and we have many plans to put into place.

I would like to thank those people from our assembly plant who made me feel very welcome and also introduced me to new Taiwanese culinary delights!”

Brian will be updating us with his new NPD plans in early 2016. In the meantime, have a safe, peaceful and enjoyable Christmas and New Year or 恭禧發財

The BesserTrim Team


The Bessertrim team