Product Description

BesserTrim 4mm DECIMATOR cable reinforced, nylon cutters, 10 per pack.

A BesserTrim Professional Head is required.

The DECIMATOR cutters can be fitted in seconds in BesserTrim’s Professional Head, thanks to its unique keyhole locking system. Designed to get the most from your straight shaft petrol strimmer, each cutter is cable-reinforced and designed to wear down slowly and evenly along its entire length.

The design allows the cutters to swivel, reducing the load on your gearbox and clutch – giving your equipment greater power and stamina!

Extra durable

Designed for tough brush – not just brambles, weeds and grass.


No need to change cutting attachments as you move to different areas of terrain, making them suitable for most landscapes.

Longer lasting

Our nylon cutters are great for most terrain but the DECIMATOR is designed for heavy duty use and lasts longer than any nylon line.


Our unique keyhole locking system head fits most brushcutters.

Keyhole locking systemkeyhole locking systemKeyhole locking system

Check that your cutters are genuine. Look for the Keyhole symbol!

For quality purposes, and more importantly safety, always check that you have a genuine DECIMATOR cutter by looking for the keyhole symbol on the cutter ball head and DECIMATOR printed along the cutters length.

Choosing the right cutter

Grass, Light Weeds Spooled Line 3.5mm Blue Nylon Cutters 4.0mm Red Cutters DECIMATOR Cutters
Grass, Light & Thick Weeds 3.5mm Blue Nylon Cutters 4.0mm Red Cutters DECIMATOR Cutters
Grass, Light & Thick Weeds, Light & Woody Brush 4.0mm Red Cutters DECIMATOR Cutters We recommend
that you only
use two cutters
at a time.
Woody Brush, Shrubs, Saplings 4 tooth 230mm plastic blade 3 tooth 255mm metal blade For slaughtering
extreme growth,
there is no
substitute for
a blade.