Product Description

The BesserTrim ‘Professional’ Head is an attachment which you can use to replace your existing brushcutter head or blade. The BesserTrim Professional Head will fit all straight shaft and petrol powered brushcutters that can take a blade and have a cutting radius greater than 200mm.

The head comes with a selection of 10 sample cutters (4 x Red 4.0mm Nylon, 4 x Blue 3.5mm Nylon and 2 x DECIMATOR cutters).

There are many advantages of the BesserTrim Grass Cutting System

  • No more spools to jam or rewind
  • Reduces time wastage in changing line
  • All steel construction means longer life
  • No more hunting for lost eyelets
  • Cutters can be changed in seconds
  • Unique ‘keyhole’ and ‘ball’ joint allows cutters to swivel, reducing the load on gearbox and clutch
  • We have a range of cutters & blades to suit the terrain that you are brush cutting.