Product Description

Special Offer – When you purchase two packets of The DECIMATOR cutters we will add a BesserTrim Professional Head FREE of charge. You will receive the following:

  • 2 Packs of 10  DECIMATOR cutters + 2 Extra cutters FREE
  • BesserTrim Professional Head + 10 sample cutters (4 x Red 4.0mm Nylon, 4 x Blue 3.5mm Nylon and 2 x DECIMATOR cutters).

Will the BesserTrim head fit my Brushcutter?                      YES – if you can fit a blade

The BesserTrim ‘Professional’ Head is a replacement brushcutter head and will fit virtually all straight shaft, petrol powered brushcutters that can take a blade because we use the same fixings. If you are in doubt about whether your machine takes a blade or how one is fitted, please check your machine’s operating manual and our video below.

Attaching your BesserTrim Professional Head

Before purchasing, opening the blister pack or using the DECIMATOR cutters, please ensure that you check that your brushcutter has a cutting radius greater than 200mm (see product gallery). They will destroy a safety guard in seconds. Do not be tempted to modify or operate your brushcutter without a safety guard.

Bessertrim Assembly instructions

Some of the many advantages of the BesserTrim Grass Cutting System

  • No more spools to jam or rewind
  • Reduces time wastage in changing line
  • All steel construction means longer life
  • No more hunting for lost eyelets
  • Cutters can be changed in seconds (we recommend you only use two at a time)
  • Unique ‘keyhole’ and ‘ball’ joint allows cutters to swivel, reducing the load on gearbox and clutch
  • We have a range of cutters & blades to suit the terrain that you brushcutting.

Please refer to the equipment manufacturers operator manual /safety instructions and always wear the appropriate safety equipment prior to operating machine.

Safe equipment for using with a grass trimmer or brush cutter blades

Choose the right cutter for the job

Grass, Light Weeds Spooled Line 3.5mm Blue Nylon Cutters 4.0mm Red Cutters DECIMATOR Cutters
Grass, Light & Thick Weeds 3.5mm Blue Nylon Cutters 4.0mm Red Cutters DECIMATOR Cutters
Grass, Light & Thick Weeds, Light & Woody Brush 4.0mm Red Cutters DECIMATOR Cutters We recommend
that you only
use two cutters
at a time.
Woody Brush, Shrubs, Saplings 4 tooth 230mm plastic blade 3 tooth 255mm metal blade For slaughtering
extreme growth,
there is no
substitute for
a blade.

Always be safe and not sorry, please read the following