Traditional line-fed petrol strimmers and bump-feed brushcutters were designed for neat and tidy lawn edges rather then thick brush and scrub so they don’t really match up to the cutting power of the DECIMATOR. But even with snapping line and pounding the ground making gardening tedious, we do still seem to see a lot of them around.

Petrol strimmers fitted with a line-fed trimmers,  rely on you to stop and pull out more line when you need it and so it is not for the weakling as you may need quite a bit of strength in your hands to squeeze the cap to get to the spool. One could argue that the alternative is an automatic line-feeder or a bump-feed petrol strimmer. These allow you to keep on trimming, however a jammed spool is inevitable. And sometimes if there isn’t enough power in your petrol brushcutter they just brush through the grass instead of cutting it.

If you hit anything hard like a stone or fence post, the brittle nylon line may break. If you are really unlucky it will break close to the spool and the petrol strimmer could ‘lose’ the end of the line within the spool and you won’t be able to feed more out. This means you’ll have to stop trimming and re feed the line, if this is the case with a bump-feed head the spring makes it really fiddly to re thread resulting in frustration.

So all in all, we think you should consider making your petrol strimmer a DECIMATOR strimmer where you won’t have to face the frustrations of any of this. If you’re machine have a engine of 26cc+ or your machine can take a blade then it’s time to give it DECIMATOR power!